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0001191: baby dwarf strange behavior
I had a mother went insane and killed while carrying a baby. The baby survived but got injured by mother - eyes are smashed and fingers are broken.

Never the less two month old baby tryes to go to hospital, periodicaly spamming "cancels Clean Self: Too insane." and starting wondering off.

No wounded recovery or like this happens, and other dwarves ignore bloody-baby crawling on the flor. Looks loke a logical issue - normaly baby should be carried to the hospital and treated there or adopted somehow (maybe like a pet)
can give a savegame with it
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duplicate of 0000179closed Toady One Wounded baby spams "cancels clean self: too insane." 
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This is probably related to long standing weirdness with being a child. I recall some similar type of things going on in 40d.
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looks like a duplicate of 0000179.