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0001300Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-04-18 13:002017-01-18 15:39
0001300: Can't specify wood, bone or shell items in uniforms
When setting up uniforms, I have the options:
- any material
- leather
- metal
- iron [.. and other individual metals]
- toad leather [.. and other leathers]

...but no bone or shell, even for items which may be made from bone or shell (like greaves, gauntlets, etc). I have stacks of excellent elephant-bone armor, and the squad is supposed to wear "greaves:anymaterial" (and gauntlets, and helms, etc.) but the dwarves are going without, or in the case of helms, choosing inferior leathers.
Create 4 full sets of bone or shell armor.
Place bone and shell armor in an armor stockpile within the barracks.
Wait 1 month for any armor-related hauling tasks to complete.
(z)tocks screen, forbid all non-bone greaves and gauntlets.

(m)ilitary screen, u(n)iforms, right column: create a uniform that uses "any material" greaves and/or gauntlets.

Activate the squad with this uniform.
Observe that they do not put on the bone items.
bone, equip, Intentional/Expected?, shell
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2010-04-20 18:40   
Seems fixed in 0.31.03, but still no option to specify "Bone and Shell" as a material choice.
2010-04-20 22:47   
If the ability to specify "bone and shell" is the only part that's missing, I'll go ahead and close this, because that's well into the territory of the Suggestions forum. http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?board=5.0 [^]

If it turns out there's still an actual bug here, feel free to reopen this issue.
2015-01-06 10:29   
It seems this was not properly closed so it doesn't need to be reopened. While "Bones and shell" together is for suggestions, I think missing at least separate "Bone" and "Shell" is a bug.

With tons of wood, leather and metal options, other armor-able materials should be included too. The better if also all those subtypes ("pond turtle shell", "oyster shell", "snail shell"...) are included.
2015-01-06 10:32   
Yeah, I reopened this years ago after reconsidering and coming to the same conclusion.

2015-03-01 19:29   
This is almost definitely unintentional, and if it is, it should still be changed. My evil-biome fortress has no metal or wood, and uses leather and bones for armor. When I tell them to wear anything, they just go with xdingo leather robesx and stuff like that.
2017-01-18 15:39   
Tested in 43.03. that it is possible to equip shell armor but still impossible to specify in uniform.
I would use this to set a light rigid uniform for all non-military personnel.