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0000133Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2010-04-02 08:142017-05-17 14:49
0000133: Naturally muddy areas lose mud upon reclaim
After reclaiming of a fortress absolutely all mud is gone, even naturally occurring one. Either mud is overly cleaned when reclaiming happens or it is not saved anywhere when a fort is abandoned or crumbles.
Dig down to natural caverns.
Check that the floors there contain mud and are farmable.
Check that all mud is gone.
reclaim, underground
has duplicate 0000865closed Footkerchief Cavern mud dissappears on reclaim 
has duplicate 0001672closed Footkerchief underground mud clears on reclaim 
has duplicate 0004263resolved Footkerchief Reclaiming a fortress destroys cave mud and aquifers 
related to 0000863resolved Toady One Items that are tasked when fortress is abandoned are still tasked (invisibly) on reclaim, and other reclaim oddities 
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2010-04-23 15:31   
As a test, I made a quick fort (all miners), dug down to open the cavern and flooded a dug out spot. Abandoned and came back in adventure mode and even the mud that resulted from flooding was gone.
2010-04-30 10:45   
Just posting again in this one to say that this is confirmed by multiple people.
2010-05-03 07:14   
2010-06-19 13:36   
Yep, I had this happen. Made a nice pretense to reroute a river into the caverns, though.
2011-11-25 12:43   
Still in .25
2012-03-05 09:47   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=5786 [^] save file and more details about the "bug" -- the issue here, as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with caverns in particular, it's simply that the game considers mud a type of spatter that doesn't last through to reclaim and doesn't even make an exception for mud under water that starts on the map (pools above ground or below, y'know). And if you had to flood the cavern to get that mud in the first place, well, that's no different in principle from flooding the third story of a tower, or rerouting a surface-level river. Unless somebody can bring up a current save showing a cavern that starts with mud on floors that aren't covered in water, this is not a big deal -- just do over again whatever flooding you did in your first fort (which, if you leave the mechanisms in place for it, may require just activating a pump).

Personally, while Toady could set the game up to record more of the spatter and mud for posterity (with associated hit to memory required to store this in an abandoned fort location), I'd rather mud from flooding were gone so I can control which areas get muddy again rather than being stuck with mud from a fort-drowning accident or anything like that. I don't think this is a bug. Lack of mud under standing water on reclaim is inconsistent with initially embarking and I wouldn't mind the game putting it back where it finds water starting a reclaim, but that is not likely to matter; all other mud disappearance is probably preferable to the alternative, so if people are going to label it a bug they could at least make clear that this is entirely about flooding having to be done twice, not (as far as I have been able to determine -- if someone can bring up a save demonstrating otherwise, please do) about having to flood what had previously been there without your doing anything.

If anyone has been finding that things don't grow back underground on reclaim, that's probably got more to do with the cavern flora being triggered by cavern discovery -- which doesn't happen the second time, on reclaim. That might be a bug (if people are experiencing that problem), but it wouldn't have to do with mud as far as I can tell.
2012-10-09 16:33   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=7009 [^] save file for 34.11. The 3rd cavern layer is naturally dry (no underground lake/river), and muddy. On reclaim mud vanishes. Cavern grass (and supposedly shrubs and tree) are still there, since the rock floor is replaced by "cavern grass" floor which stays through reclaim and leaves sand floor when removed with a dirt road. I didn't check whether new cavern grass, shrubs or trees grow.
Thus this is relatively minor, but still a bug.
2014-11-04 18:31   
Has anyone reproduced this in 0.40.xx?
2017-05-17 14:49   
I've reproduced this by flooding a small underground room in 0.43.05 (and then just retiring and unretiring, not abandoning the fortress entirely). I have yet to find a dry/muddy cavern, though.