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0001345Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Animalspublic2010-04-19 16:302015-12-26 10:56
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64-bit Win 7
0001345: Some animals missing from animals screen
I bought 4 different animals from an elven caravan: a mountain goat, a hoary marmot, a grizzly bear, and a mandrill. While their cages were in the animal stockpile, I went to the animals screen and ordered the mountain goat butchered. The grizzly was on the list, but I kept it. The hoary marmot and mandrill were not listed. I built the cages, but no change. I threw all the animals in a pit (they were on the pit list), and still no change in the animals screen. I then trained the mandrill to be a war mandrill, and it is now on the animal list. The hoary marmot was still not listed, but I could designate it to be butchered by 'v'iewing it.

I have population 50, no dungeon master, and all the animals show as tamed when I examine them.
Trade for an assortment of animals, then check the animals screen to see if they are all accounted for.
duplicate of 0000482resolved Toady One Tame exotic pets don't show up in the Animals screen 
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I believe this is a duplicate of 482.
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Yup. Thanks, HazelrahBL!