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0001348Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2010-04-19 17:522015-12-26 10:56
Toady One 
WindowsVista32 bit
0001348: Repeatable CTD, save attached. Melt a Metal Item crash?
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2169 [^] (SAVE)

Crash to desktop after a few minutes of unpaused game play. Will crash every time, attempted to narrow down the source of the crash: NOT manager order, NOT mug making, NOT caging the puppies that are born a few minutes into the save, NOT creating wooden barrels.
Play the save.
I believe it may be the Melt a Metal Object order that is in place at the two smelters that causes the crash, but not certain. My testing shows that it is almost certainly something to do with the smelter, about 95% sure that it's caused by Melt a Metal Item, I bought the bronze stuff I've melt designated from a human caravan.
crash, melt, melting, smelter
duplicate of 0001046closed Toady One Melting item produces hard crash. 
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2010-04-19 17:59   
Have the exact same problem, bought bronze items from humans to melt and it crashes when a dwarf attempts to melt. I believe this is a duplicate though. The save file probably makes it more useful.

2010-04-19 18:41   
See 0000609. Melting definitely seems to have some problems.
2010-04-24 20:11   
I can pretty much confirm this too. My fort started randomly crashing, couldn't figure out why, did a search here for crashes and found a number of references to melting items. I had just recently set two smelters on repeat "Melt Metal Object". Turning the smelters off stopped the crashing.
2010-05-21 15:37   
Confirmed. Trying to melt anything causes a CTD.
Toady One   
2010-05-22 07:20   
This should be fixed for 0.31.05. I wouldn't melt anything until it's out, but melting one object at a time should theoretically be safe.