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0001361Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2010-04-20 01:472010-06-09 06:45
Windows XP 32bitSP 2
0001361: Freshly produced stone items randomly marked for Melting
While my mason was spamming stone furniture I viewed the workshop using (T) and noticed that two chert coffers have red M next to them, meaning they are marked for melting.
I couldn't remove melt designation using M key, nor did area order 'remove melt' work. However designating them for dumping then removing that designation cleared the melt designation too.
Happened later two times to freshly produced mechanisms too. I am sure I haven't designated any of these items for melting.
From about 200+ furniture and 100+ mechanisms it happened only to 2 coffers and 3 mechanisms, then never again. Most of these items was made from chert.
No idea.
Spam lots of furniture and it may happen.

As a programmer I have a theory that some data structures from earlier melted items are reused and the melting flag is not cleared. I might be completely wrong of course.

If this is really case then it requires to melt some items earlier for this bug to reproduce. I have melted quite a lot in the game where this bug happened.
World generated and fort started in 0.31.01.
The bug happened in both 0.31.02 and 03.
duplicate of 0000609resolved Footkerchief newly produced plant fiber sock designated for melting 
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2010-04-22 10:50   
Happened again to one Marble door and one Marble coffer, when I produced 60 of each.
2010-04-23 15:00   
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this is a duplicate of 0000609 with a different item. 'Freshly produced' is key. Do you have a melting operation going on lsewhere in your fort? (like melting a bunch of leggings or something?)

I'm also a programmer, and came to the same conclusion that some datastructure or other must not be having its attributes reset, or is getting reused inappropriately or something.

Be careful with melting. Currently melting is known to cause crashes. I'm completely staying away from melting until this is resolved, though it means i need a LOT more iron ore to train my smiths.

2010-04-26 03:25   
Thanks for info, I was looking at every bug containing 'melt' or 'melting' but somewhat I hasn't found that one.

And yes I have a lot of melting going on in my fort, mostly random metal items bought from traders for the whole purpose of melting them to get rare metals.

Didn't know that melting causes crashes. I have some reproducible crash in one of my saves, I must test if disabling all melting operations will prevent it.
Bryan Derksen   
2010-04-27 21:30   
I've recently designated a bunch of anvils for melting, and some have been melted down. Now my dwarfs have created a gold artifact flask that's designated for melting. Can't dump-undump to clear the flag on that, either. I may have to keep it forbidden for its own protection.
2010-06-08 08:57   
Seems pretty certain by now that this is a duplicate of 0000609.