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0001365Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-04-20 06:382011-04-05 16:08
Windows Vista
0001365: The game crashes sometimes when saving.
There have been a couple forts I have that after awhile crash when saving. It seemed as though it was always crashing, but it looks like it might work now.
It is my largest fort yet, so perhaps make a large fort and try to save.
If I had to guess, it is taking too long for it to save, so windows says it is not responding or something. I am not really sure.
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duplicate of 0000827resolved Toady One Crash on save or abandonment of Fortress 
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What is the last thing you see before the crash?
Check, if it crashes on abandonment too. Maybe it's related to 0000827.
Btw, does the game actually crash or is it just unresponsive for a few minutes/forever?