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0001443Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2010-04-22 18:322014-09-20 22:07
Sir KickBan 
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0001443: Former guards continue to beat criminals
The Captain of the Guard continues to beat criminals even after he has been removed from the position in both the noble and military screens.
Assign a dwarf as Captain of the Guard. Remove said dwarf from his position as Captain of the Guard.

He should continue to beat criminals.
The dwarf in question was a miner, armed with a pick. He used the pick to beat criminals until it was dumped. He was assigned multiple "move" commands, but never given a schedule other than the default for a squad, and never given a kill order. His sprite is no longer a military dwarf, but a miner. (Using the mayday pack). He prioritized the "beat criminals" job on the same level as additional "move" commands, but seemingly not "dig" jobs. No dwarves were ever put in his squad. He has no other noble position, but was a former mayor (successfully stepped down).
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related to 0000605resolved Toady One When relieved from a squad, dwarves do not resume civilian jobs, even when squad is deleted entirely 
related to 0001016resolved Toady One Captain of the guard performs beating with combat weapon. 
has duplicate 0004481resolved Footkerchief Former Captain of the guard continues to beat criminals 
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