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0001481Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcarepublic2010-04-23 22:132015-03-29 08:08
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0001481: Bedridden mothers continue holding onto thier children even after they've grown up
This is just sad. It will probably resolve itself when healthcare works flawlessly (less or no bediridden dwarfs).

I have a soldier/mother who has a wound on her throat that the doctors can't suture (perma suture bug). The baby she was carrying grew into a child in the hospital, and now is stuck in the bed with her.
1)have a mother holding a baby
2)injure her severely without harming the baby
3)wait for the baby to grow up
4)watch the child
Causing a cave-in to knock them out of bed released the child. The mother goes and eats, drinks, cleans the dust off herself, and then back to the hospital.
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related to 0001842new  Apparently babies aren't cared for when mothers are in hospital 
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Has anyone seen this occur in 0.40.xx?