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0001487: Icing of the river makes objects within the water disappear
During a goblin ambush multiple goblins and a dwarf fell from my castle walls into the river and the moat and drowned.
Their corpses and equipment were clearly visible within the water and didn´t get moved by the current.
When winter came and riverand moat completely turned to ice their bodys and equipment disappeared. Neither was it seen in the ice, nor was it listed within the tile information via [k].
Now, after everything has thawed in spring the coprses/euipment remain gone, although they ares till listed withon the stocks-screen of my fortress and zooming to the location of the corpses zooms to the location where they have been before the river turned to ice.
1. Choose a temperate Biome with a river that in winter turns to ice
2. Throw a goblin into the river and let him drown
3. Check to see that the corpse stays at the same place and doesn´t drift due to current
4. Wait for the river to turn to ice
5. Check if the gbolins corpse still is there
ice, item
duplicate of 0000895resolved Toady One Items disappear (become invisible) after getting pushed by flowing water, burning in magma, or encased in ice 
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Sounds like this old bug is still around:

# 000713 □ [dwarf mode][items] (http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9390.0 [^]) items can disappear when ice melts after being imbedded