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0001617Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2010-04-28 15:262010-07-20 12:59
Toady One 
0001617: Certain dwarves will never train
Sometimes, even with an otherwise working military, there are individual dwarves who will not train under any circumstances. For example I had a barracks and equipment set up, and assigned a Militia Commander and one other dwarf to a squad. the other dwarf would go and do his individual combat drills, while the commander continued to perform civilian tasks. both were carrying identical equipment. switching their roles/disbanding the military/re-doing everything from scratch had no effect.
this is difficult to intentionally reproduce, but I always run into it eventually.

-create a military
-continue adding dwarves
-eventually you will find some who will not train even when equipped/configured identically to other dwarves who train normally.
There are so many military issues I can't tell if this one has been specifically covered already or not.
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2010-04-28 15:37   
Did you switch the squad's alert state from Inactive to Active/Training? If not, you haven't ordered them to train, and they'll only train if it suits their personality. Check your commander's description -- he might just be really lazy.
2010-05-02 15:12   
I have the same problem. I have them set to active/training. Have a Barracks designated from an armor stand and assigned to them. I have the minimum to train set to 10 (so they are all suppose to train).

They will pick up their gear but will not train no matter what I do. I've disband the squad and put it back together but they just ignored it. They will listen to move and kill orders but that's it.
2010-05-30 12:28   
(edited on: 2010-05-30 12:29)
yup. Some dwarves just don't like to train it seems. Nothing in my dwarf's personality would indicate he doesn't want to train. The rest of the squad is fine. I never run into the deconstruct barracks bug, but this I do get. Putting them in a new squad doesn't fix the no job. Unlike the supposed deconstruct bug, they will do civilian labors if told to.

DKS your problem is simply setting them to active/train, they only train when inactive. This is a problem of individual dwarves.

2010-05-31 00:26   
Uploading a save for this issue would probably be helpful. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-06-02 23:03   
I just realized I have a guy like this, not training at all.

Image shows his complete lack of any combat related skills:
http://i881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11/Mondoshawan/traindamnyou.jpg [^]

Save on DFFD:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2443 [^]

File quote:
Soldier Urvad Alåthrâluk, currently on his way to Gate Sentry with two of his squadmates (screen should be nearly centered on him).

For some reason he won't train or gain any combat related skill.

He was drafted into the squad with others at the same time, and they are training fine.

The only things of note are that he didn't have any combat skills to begin with, only civilian, though I'm pretty sure there are others in the squad that arrived with only civilian skills as well.

He also created an artifact, but so did his squadmate Kikrost Èzumkeskal and he is training just fine (he arrived with combat skills - he is currently training in the barracks to the north).
2010-06-03 00:11   
(edited on: 2010-06-03 00:23)
I encounter this fairly regularly. I keep the default setting of inactive for my squads so that they don't spar but they do carry out individual combat training. Adding 15-20% of the dwarves that arrive in each immigrant wave to my military, there's often at least one that refuses to carry out individual combat training despite picking up the correct armour/weapons.

Using ver. 0.31.04

2010-06-28 09:16   
oliver says at 0002495:

I have 2 dwarves who, when enlisted, will not train and continue to perform civilian tasks as if they weren't in a squad.

I have one squad of 10 axedwarves. The squad is set to no orders, and is assigned to train at a barracks designated from a weapon rack. All dwarves have correctly equipped themselves with armor and weapons.

8 of the 10 dwarves act as expected: they either do Individual Combat Drills, or eat/drink/sleep/take breaks. They hang around the barracks and don't do civilian labor such as general hauling. (They do occasionally pick up new equipment or provisions)

The last 2 (5 and 8 in the squad) have equipped themselves, but otherwise behaves exactly like civilians: they performs hauling tasks etc and do not ever train. While the rest of the squad is now well skilled (some at Legendary military skills), the two delinquents are at best only Dabbling (from some 'real combat' vs. caged naked goblins earlier).

If I explicitly issue a station order, they do follow it.

This behavior continues for those 2 dwarves even if I completely disband and rebuild the squad.

Save is at: https://s3test.randomly.org/df/2495/region1-military-wont-train.zip [^] (3.1MB) (it's a large fortress, sorry..)

There's only one squad. The two dwarves that won't train are Lor Lilarushat and Tun Bekaroddom.
2010-06-28 10:57   
I made some test with the two saves above. It is more an issue with the racks from which the barracks are defined. In the save from Dwarfu, if I define the barracks from another rack (armor or weapon) and free the old one, the dwarves will train there. In the save from oliver the alert of the dwarves is inactive, but when changed to active/train the dwarves won't train. After deconstruct the weapon rack and build an orthoclase one and define the barracks from the new constructed rack the dwarves will train.
2010-06-28 19:00   
I tried deconstructing/reconstructing/reassigning the rack in my save, but it didn't seem to help, the same 8/10 dwarves are now back training individually (without touching the alert setting) but the remaining 2 are still doing civilian jobs.
2010-06-29 01:13   
Trilo, did you look at the specific dwarf referenced? I didn't say none of them were training, I said just that one guy won't train.
2010-06-29 10:57   
When dwarves train individually they do that in their free time. It seems some dwarves don't like combat training and only do it when the squad is set to train and active. When they do individual training, the barracks zone is bugged or the squad is not active and set to train.
@oliver: you must activate the squad and then the 2 dwarves will go to the training.
@dwarfu: Yes, the dwarf in question was watching a combat demonstration.

In my fort the dwarves started with lots of combat demonstrations and later started to spar, at that point i gave them training weapons because they lost many toes, fingers and even a complete hand.
2010-06-29 11:53   
Okay, I seem to always set everything up the same at the beginning, meaning I have the entire barracks built and designated before the creation of the squad and they seem to act like they are never activated and always do individual training (which is obviously a bug). Now I see what you meant. Once you got them to 'act normal,' he trained as a matter of business, not personal want.

I haven't been redesignating the barracks because if you do so without a full squad and add more troops later, only those that were in the squad at that time will train and the others act like they are off duty (individual training).

Thanks for the testing/followup.
2010-06-29 16:18   
I've never managed to get scheduled training to work at all (been through many variations of number of soldiers required, barracks assignments, etc, and invariably all that happens is that most of the squad sits around saying Wait for Combat Training and never trains), so I just avoid it entirely and just use the barracks assignment to drive training. FWIW, in a later version of the save I attached, I replaced the two buggy dwarves with different dwarves and everything is working perfectly, they all train individually at the assigned rack without requiring a training schedule.

Without knowing what the intended behaviour here is, it's pretty hard to work out what's a bug and what isn't; from my point of view, the all-or-nothing individual training smells like a bug to me, since personality stats lie in a range, not on/off.
Toady One   
2010-07-15 07:08   
For specific dwarves, it was mostly a way-too-sensitive personality test which I fixed up (any dwarf with even "occasional procrastination" would never train). More generally, there were a number of ways to get lingering barracks assignments, and I've fixed the ones I've found for 0.31.11.