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0001631Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-04-28 21:112011-04-05 16:11
Custom-Built DesktopWindows2000 or XP
0001631: Crash on Save
Whenever I save, it crashes (I think sometime during object cleanup). The save file is updated, and I have no problems on load, but I always get a "The program Dwarffort.exe has encountered a problem and will need to be ended" message from Windows Task Manager.
Whenever I save.
Was using Dwarf Therapist at time of initial event; but not afterwards.
I had a Moody Dwarf when the bug first appeared.
I had a few military bugs, including a crash, before this event.
I also have had a lot of cancel spam from forbidding items in order to influence artifact composition.
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duplicate of 0000827resolved Toady One Crash on save or abandonment of Fortress 
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I've personally encountered this bug, but it does seem to be intermittent. You may find it disappears after some time has passed in game.

Marking as a duplicate - if you have any specific evidence you wish to report, please comment on 0000277