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0001690Dwarf FortressCave-inspublic2010-05-02 02:082012-03-30 06:57
0001690: Embark Cave-in causes permanent performance loss (and excessive Architectural Wealth)
The cave in happened at a very low z level.

The cave in, might have been close (in terms of x,y) to the caravan (can't remember).
My guess is that a cave in deep underground causes the underground to be "activated"... making it part of your fortress and giving all all the creeps down there, a reason in trying to hunt down all your guys far above.

...maybe a clown got hit by debris and decided to tell everyone, someone is up there GET THEM!
duplicate of 0000051resolved Footkerchief Cavern collapse at embark 
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can you check you unit list to see if you see your underground critters and creeps? Just will confirm if they are activated.

The underground wealth issue is well known ala 0000010 .
2012-03-29 23:04   
"cave-in on embark" suggest YA duplicate of 0005077