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0001693: Farmer really likes his pick
After embarking with two picks and one dwarf with mining skill, farmer picks up the pick and holds it in his hand. If mining is turned on for the farmer, he drops the pick. If it's turned off he'll pick it up again. Turning on mining for other dwarves has no effect - they won't pick up the pick even if the farmer has dropped it. Forbidding the pick only delays the farmer's reaction to it.
Turning off mining on my actual miner dwarf has not caused him to drop his pick either.
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duplicate of 0001451confirmed Dwarfu Military equipment interferes with civilian equipment (picks/axes/crossbows/quivers) 
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Is the farmer an off-duty member of the military? Are you using Dwarf Therapist to enable/disable the labor?

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Closing on the assumption that this is 0001451. If you have answers to the questions already asked, or a save demonstrating the problem, feel free to reopen this report.