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0000017Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-04-01 14:392010-09-15 13:12
Toady One 
normalmajorunable to reproduce
PCWindows Vista
0000017: Embark starts with no expedition leader, resulting in missing labors and blank nobles screen
At embark was only seeing four labor groups, Mining, Healthcare, Hauling, and Other Jobs. Unsure if it is related but also saw that the nobles menu was completely blank.
Tried several variations at embark, skilled/unskilled dwarves, different areas. So far have been unable to reproduce this bug.
embark, labors, nobles, orders
related to 0000735closed Toady One Loading game immed. after generating new world results in invalid ID numbers 
has duplicate 0000811closed Footkerchief The majority of jobs suddenly stopped showing up on my dwarves labour list. 
has duplicate 0000873closed Footkerchief expedition leader not being assigned on embark 
has duplicate 0001446resolved Footkerchief Nobles and Administrators start out blanked upon embark 
has duplicate 0000743resolved Footkerchief most jobs dont show up, also there is nothing in the noble screen 
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2010-04-01 17:58   
There is no 'nobles' section under jobs, they are found under the 'n' key. you assign dwarves to the needed tasks.
2010-04-01 18:11   
(edited on: 2010-04-01 18:12)
I am well aware of that. what I am saying is when I pressed n for nobles, the screen was blank. there were no nobles, no expedition leader, no broker, nothing. It may be related, it may not.

2010-04-01 18:17   
yes, i see what you mean. I don't think its a bug because nobody was assigned to those tasks yet. and I seam to elect a leader soon after i get there.
2010-04-01 18:32   
(edited on: 2010-04-01 18:33)
Oh it's a bug alright. v,p,l was only showing four labor groups (mining,healthcare,hauling,other jobs), not the 13 it's supposed to be showing. This makes the game effectively unplayable.

While I have been unable to reproduce it myself it has been mentioned on the forums and the wiki as happening to other people. I personally noticed that when this bug happened I also had the bug where the nobles screen was completely blank as well. I think they might be related.

The trick is going to be figuring out how to reproduce this.

2010-04-03 19:17   
I have a save where this has happened, if it's needed for debugging or anything.
H. Monkey   
2010-04-03 21:05   
I came across this problem, too. Having trouble uploading save to dffd but will try again tomorrow.

I'm not sure this was a problem immediately on embark. I suspect that the labor categories only disappeared after a couple in-game months of play, but I have no way to be sure of that.

I haven't been able to reproduce the bug, either. I first assumed it was due to having an Elf for liaison or monarch, but redoing worldgen with the same seeds and then embarking fresh in the same location wasn't enough to recreate the problem. I also tried changing embark civ choices, abandon and then reclaim, and abandon and then picking different site.

Maybe this is something related to the personality of the dwarf who ought to be the initial mayor? Other than personalities, what else won't the same when you do a fresh world gen with the same seeds?

[the seeds:
Generating world using parameter set MEDIUM ISLAND
 Seed: 1520828808
 History Seed: 2518055877
 Name Seed: 1693486933
 Creature Seed: 2068202708
2010-04-06 03:56   
I had this problem occur twice in two attempts - the second time after a completely fresh reinstall.
2010-04-06 06:54   
(edited on: 2010-04-06 06:57)
"what else won't (be) the same when you do a fresh world gen with the same seeds?" -H.Monkey

That, is an excellent question. I've seen this problem myself. ONCE. It appeared on the very first fort I ever built. I had a little conversation about it on the wiki mistakenly thinking it was correct behavior initially. After a short heated discussion I realized that what I was seeing was a bug, so with a friendly hand pointing me in the right direction I found my way here and reported it. I was being a bit too excited about the new release and failed to keep that save file, but I've been carefully watching for this bug to occur ever since. So far, no luck.

As serious as it is, I really do want to figure out what's causing it. But it's an elusive little bugger.

2010-04-08 10:26   
in the summary v p l should probably be in lower case to avoid any possible confusion.
2010-04-08 12:19   
+1 to confirmation. Modded humans to be the default playable race. When playing as a human civ, the crafting jobs menu and all nobles were missing.
2010-04-08 12:23   
keep the save if you can anomaly, this one is difficult to reproduce.
2010-04-09 14:11   
(edited on: 2010-04-09 14:13)
I just had it happen to me...gen'd a medium region from the default list

EDIT: Didnt mod anything (using dwarves), playing the newest bug fix release as well (02)

2010-04-09 15:53   
(edited on: 2010-04-09 16:11)
Damn, I searched for this kind of thing before I made mine. Oh well.

I had been starting my forts by pressing space after the strike the earth message. I started another while avoiding this and got an expedition leader- and then started one where I did this and still got an expedition leader.

If a lot of you are pausing immediately to plan out your forts this might still be a some-of-the-time cause. My computer doesn't handle this whole process very gracefully so I won't be trying too frequently-
but the first time we don't have a leader without a pause we can discard this option.

2010-04-10 02:02   
i have mine auto-save on start and pause on saves. So it's not that exclusively anyway
2010-04-10 11:16   
(edited on: 2010-04-10 12:44)
I just had this happen to me. It was the first world I generated with the new 0.31.02 version, no mods, no changes to the RAWs. I noticed it right after embark when I tried to get the fisherdwarf to stop fishing (interesting -- the dwarves are still capable of doing the labors not listed). The nobles screen is also empty.

Saving the game and reloading didn't fix the problem, so I uploaded the save to dffd: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2054 [^]

Edit: I should add that I chose 'embark now!' instead of 'prepare for the journey carefully', so I had the standard dwarf skills and equipment. (There's a current thread on the forum where some are speculating that choosing odd starting equipment can cause the problem.)

2010-04-10 11:29   
(edited on: 2010-04-11 03:30)
I verified the file above, it reproduces the vpl bug on my end as well. And at a random stroke of luck, it reproduced again for me in a new embark as well.

No mods, no raw changes, no graphics. The only thing I've done is change a few settings in init.txt and added a custom tileset.

And as before, I again have the same four labor categories and no nobles present at embark. So the two symptoms do seem to be related. If another save that reproduces this is needed just say the word and I'll upload mine.

Toady One   
2010-04-11 05:52   
Does the save dump a ton of messages about invalid ID numbers in your error log as well? I have it reporting that it thinks your civ is one of the underground animal people civs rather than a dwarven civ, which would explain the VPL list, but it looks like there are just massive problems with id numbers overall.
2010-04-11 06:14   
This is also happening to me, I used a predefined group for the embark but the last time I was missing an expedition leader. This happened when I went to reclaim a fortress.

Missing nobles screen
No military
Limited jobs to assign despite dwarves retaining initial expertise in non-existent skill etc...
2010-04-11 09:06   
(edited on: 2010-04-11 09:15)
"Does the save dump a ton of messages about invalid ID numbers in your error log as well?"

Oh! Yes, yes it does. I hadn't looked at the errorlog before. I have about 20MB worth of "Load Game: Invalid <whatever> ID Number". I suppose that helps explain why the game was loading slowly, too.

For what it's worth, I tried abandoning the fortress and starting a new one associated with the same civ again. I did not get the bug. Same with reclaiming the bugged fortress.

2010-04-11 09:40   
(edited on: 2010-04-11 09:46)
I'm confused by my errorlog.txt. at first blush yes, it chock full of load game:invalid messages. But I noticed it's 22.2 MB of god knows what.

So I tried renaming it so that the game would create a new errorlog.txt for me specific for this vpl issue. I then loaded my vpl save, looked at a unit to verify the bug occured, saved, and exited out. It didn't create a new errorlog.txt So, I coped my backup, stripped the errorlog to be a blank file. and tried again. Nothing.

Finally, I looked at the dwarves I have on the screen, I looked at their names and compared them against the data in my renamed backup errorlog.txt. They're not the same dwarves.

So I'm all confuzzled now.

2010-04-11 10:46   
"I'm confused by my errorlog.txt. at first blush yes, it chock full of load game:invalid messages. But I noticed it's 22.2 MB of god knows what.
Finally, I looked at the dwarves I have on the screen, I looked at their names and compared them against the data in my renamed backup errorlog.txt. They're not the same dwarves.

So I'm all confuzzled now."
That's odd. I looked through my errorlog.txt and I don't see any specific names at all. Just "Peasant", "Recruit", "Sasquatch", "Human", etc. (Some fun ones: "exalted cat", "Elf Drunk")

Errors always seem to be appended to errorlog.txt, so you might be looking at old errors from previous forts. Actually the file size suggests that too. I get a consistent 20MB worth of errors every time I load the bugged fort. If you have 22.2MB, that suggests you had about 2 MB worth of errors built up first from other forts.

But if you have a fort with the v,p,l bug that doesn't produce any errors upon load, that's different behavior from my game!

Toady, a suggestion: how about some date/time stamps in the errorlog? Maybe just on the first reported error during any operation, so that errorlog.txt doesn't get too bloated.
2010-04-11 10:59   
well like I said, replacing my errorlog with no file, or with an empty file, isn't creating anything at all, since the names don't match I'm not sure this error log has anything to do with my vpl bug.

very confused.
2010-04-11 12:24   
Not getting any errors related to the abovementioned save in my errorlog either.
On a related note, it seems that the dorfs actually do seem to have the labors related to their skills enabled (woodcutters cut wood, etc.) even if the labors aren't visibile in the vpl menu.
2010-04-11 14:22   
okay, well I've tried several different things trying to get something, ANYTHING to go into my errorlog, all to no success.

- I tried making a brand new clean install of dwarf fortress in a new directory
- I tried loading and saving out of two different saves known to produce this bug
- still not seeing anything in the errorlog

- trying further I activate several other known bugs attempting to get something, ANYTHING into my errorlog.txt
- still nothing

So either I'm missing something obvious, or this bug doesn't generate anything in the errorlog, and I'm having a hard time finding any bug that actually does now. *sigh*
2010-04-12 17:13   
If you're using Windows Vista/7, ensure that you're placing the DF directory somewhere that you have permission to write to, such as your user directory or the desktop or something.

Check c:\users\[username]\appdata\local\virtualstore (or similar, it's been a while since I've booted into Windows) in case your error log is being written there instead.
2010-04-12 20:56   
nice try, but nope, that's not the issue. the whole game is in a folder on the desktop, and I'm always logged in as the admin account anyhow so there's no rights issues.

I do have some stuff in my errorlog. but when I tried to get it to give me a chean errorlog, it's not showing anything for this issue. I even tried a separate DF install, all of which I've already said above.
2010-04-13 07:53   
I had this issue also. Three things stick out in my mind as significant in that game:

1) It was in a world with custon worldgen parameters.

2) This world had the odd issue of "no trade" tag being added to neighboring civilizations for all sites above a certain latitude on the world map, no matter how close the site was to a human or dwarf settlement.

3) I used the "Start now!" option.

4) The dwarves not only were missing VPL labor options, they also had that weird bug where they were reincarnations of megabeasts or something and had massive kill lists, in addition to being 400+ years old, according to VZK.
2010-04-13 08:57   
(edited on: 2010-04-13 08:58)
^^^ Number 4 is interesting. See 0000381, "Adventurer is a reincarnation of a megabeast?"

2010-04-13 09:08   
I've heard of number 4 happening in DF mode before - some guy claimed a migrant came to his fortress and had a massive kill list. Hmm. Definitely agree that creature IDs are bugging out somewhere
2010-04-13 13:32   
(edited on: 2010-04-13 13:33)
Misterstone, can you reproduce the bug by regenerating the world and embarking at the same location?

2010-04-13 14:36   
I'm sorry, I deleted the old save when a new version came out, I don't know what the seed was, and I haven't seen this come up again. I assumed it wasn't very rare because other people had heard of the bug when I first reported it. :(
swamp donkey   
2010-04-18 11:07   
I've had this issue too, but, really no nothing about trouble shooting. Would it help if I loaded my save up?
2010-04-18 11:39   
(edited on: 2010-04-18 11:41)
swamp donkey: yes, if you have a save that, when loaded, has labors missing from the menu, it might be helpful to upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]

Although it might not be necessary -- judging from Toady's comment above, he might need a save prior to embarking or something.

swamp donkey   
2010-04-18 12:57   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2144 [^]
Theres the save, left a few notes about it too. Good luck.
2010-04-24 05:37   
SirPenguin, I've had migrants with very large kill lists. I just assumed they had a life prior to migrating to my fortress. If they were the only marksdwarf in a 40d fortress before migrating to my fortress they could have a very long kill list.
2010-04-24 17:36   
(edited on: 2010-04-24 17:37)
My leader died pretty early on and a new one hasn't been automatically appointed. This means there's no broker, no bookkeeper, etc..

Would a save help?

2010-04-24 18:10   
Calcrafoord, that's a different issue - see 0000141
2010-04-25 13:55   
Ah, thanks! That indeed looks more like it.
2010-04-26 13:52   
(edited on: 2010-04-26 13:58)
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2239 [^]

Here's another file that exhibits this behavior since this issue is still open. Nobles screen is completely blank, and all labor groups are missing except for mining, healthcare, hauling, and other jobs.

no entries are added to the errorlog on loading or saving this file. I can't say if they were created earlier when originally embarking to the location.

On saving back out of this file the game tends to freeze up temporarily (it does recover). This may be a symptom of something.

Examining my dwarves does not reveal any history of killing. I did notice one minor oddity however. All seven dwarves have the following line in their description.

"He is a citizen of He."


"She is a citizen of She."

I'm thinking this might be another symptom.

2010-04-26 13:54   
You might want to go ahead and add a relationship to 0000141. They're separate issues yes, but this one consistently causes 0000141 as well, so there may be clues in one to fix the other.
2010-04-26 17:11   
^^^ Yeah, probably a good idea.

I just came across 0000735 -- apparently loading a game immediately after generating a new world can result in corrupt ID numbers. Possibly related.
2010-04-27 00:25   
This same problem happened to me. I could still change professions for dwarfs using Dwarf Therapist.

I abandoned the fortress, started a new one and reclaimed the site. The same thing happened. These were the only two times this has happened out of maybe 20 embarks.
ultimate carl   
2010-04-27 10:02   
Yet another player without a save, but confirming it also happened to me. First time it's happened to me in about six games. Was in a custom parameter Medium Region, and I had the missing labors bug as well. Like bertolini, however, I was able to change labors using Dwarf Therapist, just not through menus in-game.
2010-04-29 12:39   
"He is a citizen of He."


"She is a citizen of She."

Next time someone sees this bug please check the thoughts on your dwarves and see if they have these lines as well. This might mean something.
2010-05-03 19:20   
I had this bug after selecting a custom profession design. Another issue that was even though I had made some beds, and they were in the stock yard, I was unable to place any of the beds because the dwarves did not have access to them.
2010-05-17 09:44   
Confirmed in 0.31.04 with a freshly generated world.
2010-05-25 11:45   
I got this too, but the only category missing was crafting.
2010-05-27 00:30   
Had the bug too. Notably, my profession for the undoubtedly expedition leader was "trader" as I put all social skills on that dwarf. Never had a problem with any other profession.
2010-06-13 12:40   
Is anyone still getting this problem in 31.06?
2010-07-14 08:25   
Reminder sent to: Toady One

Hey Toady -- your note at 0000735:0007558 said that this bug is unrelated, but they both involved an errorlog full of Invalid ID Number stuff, and we stopped getting corroboration of this report (and 0001446) after the fix for 0000735 was released. I'm marking this bug as fixed too.
Toady One   
2010-07-15 01:30   
I guess it could also be related to that raw-indexing stuff that was messing up the reactions in some roundabout way, though I don't specifically remember reindexing any positions there. Still, yeah, if it's gone it's gone, and it'll come up again if it's not, he he he.