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0001730Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Taskspublic2010-05-03 20:352010-06-13 13:21
The Architect 
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0001730: All jobs at Magma Glass Furnace displayed as "Make unknown material (item)" temporarily
I decided it was time to make some glass blocks. Just train the old glassmaker up.

The newly constructed magma glass furnace showed "Make unknown material (item)" all the way down when interrogated with {q}. No submenu to get there, just oodles and oodles of "Make menacing unknown material spikes" etc. It repeated this twice when I checked it again. I had it up for a screenshot, but decided to exit the menu so I could check the Job Manager. It was unpaused, so I paused it after exiting.

Of course, this was just as I had filled out everything but the description, and when I paused and brought it up again for the screenshot it worked normally. I don't even know how to reproduce it or verify it now!
Try constructing a new magma glass furnace from dolomite blocks over the single standard top-middle hole with 7/7 magma. Don't pause while it is under construction, and check it with {q} shortly after completion. I really don't know how much of this is necessary to reproduce it, or if it is even worth bothering with, but those are the steps I took.

If it happens with my next forge, I'll be d**n sure to get a screenshot before doing anything.
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duplicate of 0000275resolved Toady One After queuing silk item at clothier's shop, "Make unknown material Crafts" at craftsdwarf's workshop 
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See 0000275, and in particular note 0000275:0005488, which has a method for reproducing that bug. Does that method reproduce this bug as well?
2010-05-04 03:01   
Just tried it (in 'q' menu, select a material at a clothier then move selector to the glassworks and try to queue a job) and got the same bug. Also works on forges, where once you select, for example, weapons, you get a blank screen since there are no valid weapons to be made from plant fiber.
2010-05-04 10:38   
^^^ Thanks! Sounds like it's a general problem then.
2010-05-04 12:57   
I've seen this as well in a craftdwarf workshop. It was only very briefly. When I went back to look at it again everything was functioning normally.

I can't reproduce it but I definitely saw it. Only once though. Letting the game run for even a few frames and going back with Q to try to queue up tasks there fixed the problem and the workshop worked normally.
2010-05-04 13:57   
hyndis: see 0000275:0005488. It's already known how to reproduce it.
The Architect   
2010-05-05 20:02   
I'm glad you have nailed down the problem! I read through that other report before posting this, but I didn't make the connection on my own.