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0001755Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2010-05-04 23:222014-12-20 13:56
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0001755: After soldier dies, military/noble screens go blank, followed by crash
only thing i can think that would happen that would cause this is a militia member (not a noble) died of thirst randomly
Save Included, Save Needs Testing
related to 0000141closed Toady One After death of expedition leader or mayor (any noble), positions disappear from nobles screen and can't be appointed or replaced 
related to 0000182resolved Toady One Dead dwarves remain in their squads 
related to 0000375resolved Toady One Missing Admin/Noble icon in Status Screen 
related to 0000277acknowledged Toady One Game crash during saving game - cleaning objects phase 
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2010-07-15 07:11FootkerchiefSummaryboth my military and nobles screen won't are blank.. i can't appoint new nobles, can't appoint new squads => Military/noble screens go blank, followed by crash
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2010-07-15 08:08FootkerchiefSummaryMilitary/noble screens go blank, followed by crash => After soldier dies, military/noble screens go blank, followed by crash
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2010-05-04 23:35   
Do you currently have a living mayor or expedition leader?
2010-05-05 07:14   
neither. They won't elect a new one either, from what i can see.
2010-05-05 09:08   
0000017 0000141
2010-05-05 09:17   
thanks, i've already looked at those tickets. the dead dwarf wasn't the expedition leader, just a newly conscripted militia member
2010-05-05 09:22   
the game has no progressed to where it's just crashing in a few seconds. I've saved it, nothing i can do can make it avoid the crash. I'll upload it somewhere so whomever can take a look at it.. as soon as i figure out how to make the save files appear
2010-05-05 09:28   
Did you look at 0000017, "Embark starts with no expedition leader, resulting in missing labors and blank nobles screen"? Were the military and noble screen blank at embark?

The save is one of the "regionX" folders in /data/save. Zip up the relevant region folder and upload the zip file to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-05-05 09:35   
this was not the case, i set up a military and looked to see if any of the migrants had broker appropriate skills using the broker appoint
2010-05-05 09:47   
(edited on: 2010-05-05 09:51)
So you never had an expedition leader, but you were still able to appoint a broker?

2010-05-05 09:54   
How many dwarves do you have?

If you have 50 dwarves then you should have a new mayor elected within a year.

Once you have a mayor elected you can then assign positions. A workaround is to assign a different dwarf, other than your mayor, to do the appointed noble positions.

This way even if your mayor dies for any reason you will still have the appointed dwarves. With no mayor you cannot change appointments, but appointments already made should stick around.

If you have fewer than 50 dwarves then there's nothing you can do. Thats the trigger for electing a mayor which fixes things.
2010-05-05 09:57   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2302 [^]
that's the save, if you load it and unpause it will crash fairly soon.

no, i had an expedition leader. The dwarf that died was NOT the expedition leader. In fact, i'm fairly certain that after he died i was still able to access these screens. The only thing i can think i did was hit N instead of N, put in some weird points and hit a bunch of keys trying to figure out what was going on, and left.
2010-05-05 10:38   
The only thing i can think i did was hit N instead of N, put in some weird points and hit a bunch of keys trying to figure out what was going on, and left.

2010-05-05 13:23   
shift N instead of just n
2010-07-15 07:12   
Reminder sent to: superradish

Does this save still crash in 31.10?
2010-08-12 04:00   
Loaded this in 31.12 - crash still happens.

Graphics mods are in use.

No errorlog.txt entries. There are no nobles and no military. Can't appoint/create any, either. This is a low population fortress, so no mayor yet.

There used to be a military, as I see people wandering around wearing armor and shields (see Astesh Oshurmorul, Butcher).

The Leatherworker that died of dehydration, since this is an old save, probably died because this was when priorities for drinking were lower and he worked himself to death (everyone has hunger/thirst thoughts, despite there being plenty of food and drink - wasn't changed until 31.07).

This save is also experiencing 0000375.

It is the 28th Galena, 1075, Late Summer. The crash appears to happen at the exact change of the season to Autumn.

Has anyone seen this in a fort generated in versions 31.12 and above?

I'm leaving the Save Needs Testing tag on as I wasn't able to find an acceptable solution.
2011-04-06 14:17   
Crash happens in .24 too.
2014-12-20 13:56   
If anyone has a save that reproduces this problem in the latest version, please upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and reopen this report (or PM a manager on the forums).