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0001786Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2010-05-06 12:452012-05-20 14:56
Lord Shonus 
0001786: Magma doesn't keep melted ice liquid.
On a glacier fort, I pumped magma directly below a frozen pool. This melted the ice for every tile that was directly above the magma, but did not remove the ice floor on top of the pool. Shortly after channeling out said floor, the ice refroze. I could get the ice to melt for a short time by channeling a tile adjacent to the ones that should be liquid. This flash-froze the miner in question.
Pump magma under a frozen pool in a freezing biome.
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duplicate of 0005871acknowledged Footkerchief Unflowing magma doesn't radiate heat to water/ice directly above/below it 
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