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Toady One 
0000181: Soldier gets stuck waiting for a demonstration.
Two of my soldiers got stuck with the job "Wait for dodging demonstration" when the squad leader got wounded. I disbanded the squad, but now they are both stuck doing "Individual Combat Drill." It has been a season, and they are still standing there in the now non-barracks (I removed it trying to get them to do something else...)

I've tried quite a few things trying to jar them out of their trances, but nothing has worked. They only leave to get food/drink, and then come back and resume their stupid behavior.
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has duplicate 0002664resolved Footkerchief Dwarves stuck in 'go to demonstration' 
child of 0000605resolved Toady One When relieved from a squad, dwarves do not resume civilian jobs, even when squad is deleted entirely 
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2010-04-02 16:26   
Confirmed here: http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=52245.0 [^]
2010-04-02 19:06   
I had a soldier in this state and managed to get him to do other stuff by changing the squad's schedule to patrol. When the month changed he happily wandered off with the rest of the squad.
2010-04-02 19:35   
I have some soldiers in a similar state - when I removed them from the squad, they refused to do any work (they were doing 'No Job' when jobs were available, and were not counted as idlers)
2010-04-02 22:44   
(edited on: 2010-04-03 01:44)
Yes same, problem. Its easy to make them do any military task under the sun, as they still follow any new commands you give them through the military interface. But they will not properly behave as civilians anymore.

For me, this seems to happen to dwarves that are designated the 'Militia Commander,' but it doesn't seem to happen every time, and removing them from that position certainly doesn't help.

EDIT: scratch that, leader position doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. I can't seem to figure out exactly what it is that causes this to happen. However, if you shift dwarves around in squads a lot, disband squads, and generally change their orders around (ie play), it happens pretty reliably at some point.

What happens is, eventually you put a dwarf in a military state, such as 'Active/Train', and he shows up to that job in civilian form (happy smiley dwarf, not angry military dwarf). After that, the dwarf is permanently militarized. You can give him whatever military orders you want, and he'll do them, but when put on 'Inactive' he will try to continue doing the last order you gave him. If that's impossible (he was told to train but there's no barracks), he will mill around performing a "No Job" task, that doesn't put him on the idler list. Under no circumstances that I have found, will that dwarf do any more civilian tasks.

2010-04-03 07:43   
Ran into the same problem, now four members of my burgeoning fort won't return to civilian life. Looks like I've just established my first permanent military force, heh.

Initially I couldn't get them to train or go into military mode, then I assigned them to two overlapping barracks (per the last "tip" in the DF wiki page: http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/DF2010:Military/Guide [^]). They immediately went to military-mode (solid military icons), but now they won't take civilian jobs when set to the Inactive alert or disbanded.
2010-05-03 01:07   
got the same problem. Its annoying they don't do civilian stuff
2010-05-12 06:31   
Had the same problem... found removing the weapon rack or armour stand (with barracks designations) to release them from the perpetual training, but then the dwarves didn't do anything other than eat, drink and attend parties.
2010-07-12 20:54   
morikal uploaded this save at 0002664: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2674 [^]
2010-07-12 21:11   
I'm not sure my issue is exactly the same as the one described here--my guys were not waiting on their commander--they were trying to attend another squad's demonstration (with overlapping barracks, which I forgot to mention in the bug report for 0002664).

Their leader was stuck trying to attend as well.

Also, none of them respond to military commands at all--no kill orders, no move orders, they are just standing in the same spot, nowhere near any of the barracks. When I disbanded the other squad (the one doing the demo), the stuck soldiers switched to 'pickup equipment' or 'individual combat drill', but still don't move (well, most of them don't move--the leader of the stuck squad seems unstuck now, but the other 4 are still stuck).
Toady One   
2010-07-21 08:08   
As far as I can tell, this stuff is cleared up. They dropped all the excess cloaks and things in Morakal's save, got some of the weapons that had been gummed up previously, and did individual skill training and archery practice. The known causes of "waiting for demonstration" are handled.

In other news, Scamps has inverted his formerly full water dish.