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0001871Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2010-05-14 03:442014-09-04 09:16
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0001871: Removing a construction after reclaim doesn't reveal hidden areas
Here's what happened: I made a fort, and breached the caverns, this was my first successful enough to explore them. After what I now call the Great Crundle Massacre, I walled up the fort. As it was in a spiral, I abandoned and reclaimed, making it very successful. I'm at the point where I can un-wall the entry to the Caves, but it didn't reveal it on removing the wall, dumping the left stone, or making or loading a cage trap on that spot.

Upon mining the wall NEXT to all this, the whole level exploded in color, with no notification of finding Caverns, or any flood of "You Have Struck"s.
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has duplicate 0007743resolved Footkerchief Revealing reclaimed fort areas by removing a construction doesn't work. 
related to 0000863resolved Toady One Items that are tasked when fortress is abandoned are still tasked (invisibly) on reclaim, and other reclaim oddities 
related to 0008589new  Chopping a tree doesn't update cavern knowledge 
related to 0010225acknowledged lethosor Stairs in worldgen Dwarf fortresses are constructed on inappropriate base tiles 
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2010-05-14 07:22   
Yup, this one's a holdover (I'm not sure why there were two entries in the old system):

# 001015 □ [dwarf mode][jobs][constructions] (http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=24195.0 [^]) removing a constructed wall in a reclaimed fort does not reveal the hidden areas beyond properly
# 001080 □ [dwarf mode][jobs][constructions] (http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?topic=32170.0 [^]) removing constructions does not remove hidden areas after reclaim
2010-05-18 16:03   
I'm good at finding holdovers, aren't I? :P
2014-09-04 08:32   
Screenshot from 40.10

http://imagr.eu/up/54087f996698c_spurioushidden.png [^]