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Toady One 
0001999: Game crashing: melt related
Currently I have a game file, in which the game is crashing at the exact same point.

I can not find any definite cause, but it seemed to stop occurring when i flooded my fortress with magma killing most of my dwarfs, including my mayor Cog.

More details in additional information.
Download this save file, run it.

It will occur within 3 minutes of running the game, about 20 seconds after the merchants leave the map.

Every time just leave the game running.

http://www.mediafire.com/?wdujm2nnozo [^]
Currently I have a game file (my current fortress for 0.31.03) in which I was just attacked by goblins.

They are currently taking the items that have dropped off of them, as well as various other tasks in a normal running fortress.

A little bit after the Merchants leave, the game crashes if i dont touch anything.

Im not sure if its the merchants though, because after I decided to flood my fortress full of magma, (in which case the merchants were able to escape) the game didnt crash when it normally does.
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duplicate of 0001046closed Toady One Melting item produces hard crash. 
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2010-05-20 16:54   
I noticed that someone else had an issue with Magma smelters and items being melted.

I originally thought it was the magma smelters melting items as well, (as i have alot of items currently listed for melting).

I turned off the melting of the items for my smelters but the error is still occurring.
2010-05-20 17:09   
Do you have a military or a hospital set up?
2010-05-20 17:13   
(edited on: 2010-05-20 17:18)
I have both set up.

(i just noticed the amount of crashes relating to these zones)

I decide to run save file in 31.04, and the game file has yet to crash.

It is using default everything, i just have the FPS turned on.
Edit: I actually turned off melting items during that run, im turning it on to see if it matters.

2010-05-20 17:22   
The game crashed quickly this time around with leaving the melting of items to occur (f3 to zoom there).

Im going to run it a few more times leaving it melt on my smelters and stopping the orders to see if it matters.
2010-05-20 17:35   
If that doesn't help, you should try disbanding your military and looking for injured dwarves in your hospital. Hopefully we can track this down without sapping up too much bandwidth.

2010-05-20 17:59   
When I canceled melting tasks at the smelters. I went to 17th Sandstone 1054 date (12 minutes about) without any crashes.

I restarted a new game to recheck the game file with melting on to see if i would crash.

It did 5 minutes in.

Testing it a second time to see if it crashes with and without it on.
2010-05-20 18:28   
Logical2u, I did it again with the same results. This seems to be reproducible with the smelters.

TLDR: If there is anything you want me to do, let me know.

I am going on a blind guess, but maybe it has to to with smelting multiple items? Or maybe because there are already bars present at the smelter?

Or maybe its smelting items that are currently being worn since im selecting melting through the stock screen?

Or.. maybe it has to do with melting items that are present in my fortress.. and maybe it includes that items that the merchants currently have.. so once they leave, my dwarfs try to select the item and boom.
2010-05-20 18:48   
Well there's a known melting crash. If cancelling the melting tasks stops the crash, well, then it's pretty likely this is just another variant of the melting crash. I was just a little confused because I could've sworn you said disabling melt jobs didn't stop the crash just a bit earlier.

It's possible you were hitting two crashes at the same time.

For now I'll mark this as a child of the general melting bug.
Toady One   
2010-05-22 07:23   
This should be fixed for 0.31.05. I wouldn't melt anything until it's out, but melting one object at a time should theoretically be safe.