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0002008Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-05-21 08:082012-09-30 22:53
Toady One 
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0002008: Dumping owned rotten food don't work
Made squad. Set them 2 food each. Then removed squad. Food rot where they dropped it, but refuse haulers don't moved it to refuse pile, nor moved it to dumping area when ordered to dump rotten food. Dropped backpacks were dumped just fine. Refuse haulers don't have other jobs and in "no job" mode.
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has duplicate 0003856resolved Footkerchief Food left on table rots. Cannot be dumped 
has duplicate 0004697resolved Footkerchief Miasma without a source 
child of 0001299new  Rotting food still owned after owner goes insane, can't be dumped 
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2010-08-17 02:27   
I can confirm this still occurs in 0.31.12. Workaround may be to never set military to carry food as supplies.
2010-08-19 14:53   
Confirmed here too. I've yet to see the squads eat the food assigned to them anyways. They just stand out there starving/dehydrating even though they have food and drink with them. Dem silly dorfs.
2010-08-27 09:23   
(edited on: 2010-08-28 10:28)
Confirmed here too, it seems to happen with dwarfs in the military for me, when changing their uniforms or enabling/disabling training or anything that interrupts an eating task. Some food does not rot either, resulting in dwarfs with rooms full of food. Seems to be related to an equipment issue I see, where military dwarfs with a tool-using labor have trouble getting equipment.

Save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3005 [^]

2010-10-03 14:41   
I'm getting this in spades when dwarves equip new armor: they drop the backpack, which immediately disgorges the food, then they put on the armor, doff the pack, and then go off to find a couple new bits of food. Repeat. If the food was dropped on a stockpile it will never rot, but typically I get huge clouds of miasma in my forges.

Seems when a dwarf is needs food, it doesn't think to pick up the food it already owns. Implementing that would mask some other imperfections (like the pack disgorging its food) but the miasmic clutter symptom would be dealt with nicely.
2011-03-28 09:29   
Still in .24

A beekeeper took a prepared draltha brain into his bedroom, left it there and now it's pushing up miasma and I can't move it away. Had to make a diagonal wall at the room entrance (miasma doesn't flow diagonally) to stop the bedroom district from going up in gas.
2011-06-10 20:26   
While drinks don't rot, a similar situation exists when dwarves are carrying flasks/waterskins. Whenever they drop them and there is still contents in the flask, both the contents and the flask are forbidden for some reason.
2011-06-18 13:32   
I think I have the solution. I don't know if this will work, but it's worth a shot. first, press O for Orders, then R for refuse. make them gather refuse from outside, then make them pick up vermin remains as well. Hope it works for you.
2011-07-15 07:25   
Tigger I appreciate the idea but that doesn't do it; I usually have those orders active. Also I don't care about the food outside, it's the inside food that causes problems.
2012-02-12 18:11   
(edited on: 2012-02-12 18:14)
I'd like to know if that has gotten any attention as I'm having the same issue. My fortress is a miasma fest due to this unforeseen issue. It would be nice if we could force-remove ownership somehow. Also I'd like to note that his is not a duplicate issue of the one stated above, as this is concerning military and not tables. Entirely different issues with the same end result (refuse).

2012-02-13 15:51   
Mezmeer - actually this is the same as 3856. If you want a temporary fix, go to the military screen, supplies, and then don't let them carry any food. (change each squad)
2012-02-19 15:23   
hyp3r4ctive posted this save at 0004697: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=4509 [^]
2012-02-22 21:24   
I've played around with the bug since I was able to get it. It seems to me if you can get them to move it out of the way. Like build a construction on it and they will move it you can dump it or relocate to the place that you want the item to go. It seems when another dwarf moves the object it becomes unclaimed to the other dwarf allowing it to be moved. I built walls around and on top of the items to be able to do this. So if someone could do the same experiment and report back that would be great to confirm this work around for the bug.
2012-03-17 08:35   
(edited on: 2012-03-17 08:36)
should be mostly fixed per 03/16/2012 devlog ("Toady One I dealt with the ownership of discarded items today. It lapses after a time if the item is not held by the dwarf or in the dwarf's rooms.")

But there may be a problem with a food in the rooms.

2012-09-30 22:53   
Thanks, Kogut, I believe the general intent of this report has been resolved with ownership flag removal. As a food item stored in a personal room isn't considered 'discarded,' it shouldn't be considered part of this bug. At best it becomes a suggestion on how to deal with storage of different items in personal rooms (barrels, chests, etc.).

I've added this to the change log for 34.06.