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0002041Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Huntingpublic2010-05-23 07:312010-07-15 08:38
0002041: Hunters level incredibly fast, mainly because animals die too slow
1. Hunters gain levels in archery if using crossbows and vice versa.
2. Most prey dies way too slow: in my current settings there are mainly gorillas, crocodiles, alligators and elephants. They make easy targets for my hunters, but die only after being pincushioned with a full load of a quiver (gorilla) or two (crocodiles, alligators), sometimes three or four (elephants). Most of these animals die from bloodlack while the hunter is away, getting more ammunition, thus they are not being returned as kills and butchered by the butcher (because the latter seems to have very limited area of action).
3. While shooting prone and unconcious elephants, hunters easily gain a lot of experience points, advancing to legendary archer and marksdwarfship in less than a year (just forge enough bolts!).
embark in warm/moist area and set up a hunting industry.
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duplicate of 0000833resolved Footkerchief Adamantine bolts do less damage, bolts ineffective in general 
duplicate of 0000089resolved Toady One Wrestler/Fighter levels up way too quickly, especially against much bigger/stronger creatures 
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1. Archery is the generic ranged combat skill, so I'm not sure what the issue there is. Like fighter and melee skills.

2. We already know bolts suck, see 0000833.

3. Prone animals don't appear to give EXP in adventure mode, see 0000657, so it's probably just the function of firing the crossbow rather than hitting things that's giving the EXP, assuming the two modes share similar bugs.

You should probably turn refuse collection from outside on then try and butcher the critters that died while your hunter was away. Typically the hunter hauls the critter to the butcher's shop, but if it didn't die on his watch I assume it just turns into generic refuse.
2010-05-23 15:24   
I was associating archery with bow skill... seemed logical to me.