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0002044Dwarf FortressContaminants/Spatterpublic2010-05-23 13:562012-02-22 10:28
Jiri Petru 
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0002044: Poisons spread too much, result is mass chaos and death
Bug 0000296 describes general trouble with contaminants and the way they get spread by footsteps. This is a sub-bug :)

During a fight, contaminants such as poisonous bloods, vapors and extracts spread between units, the affected units continue to spread them further and further. After a couple of steps, the result is dwarves get poisoned by creatures who are not poisonous.

Example: I've released ampersands and they fought a lot in groups. Several of them had poisonous vapors, which means they contaminate everything around them by eg. "banshee of cinders extract", even an ampersand that is not poisonous (let's call him B). Five years later, a dwarf meats B who is not poisonous. But alas, B touches the dwarf and spreads the "banshee of cinders extract" further. The dwarf dies to poison, even though the original source of the poison (a cloud of extracts) occurred several years ago.

But what if the dwarf wins the fight? Then the "banshee of cinders extract" spreads of to his sword, and from there continues to do happy things, like spreading to OTHER victims (a third jump) or being washed to floor... where it can continue creating FUN.

So basically, I think poisons either shouldn't spread more than once from their source or - better yet - they should stop being poisonous after some time passes (presumably as the poison dries or evaporates).
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Jiri Petru   
2010-05-23 13:58   
I have 70 ampersands closed in my cellar. I can release them one after one and fight, but due to this bug, it's very hard not to lose dwarves. All the enemies are covered by various poisons, and my dwarves have trouble surviving even the ones who should not be poisonous.
Jiri Petru   
2010-06-06 06:04   
I have just realised I can wash the enemies using DF Hack and creating water on top of them. Yay, all hail DF hack, it made the demons actually fightable!

2010-11-02 08:59   
I noticed this phenomenon around a well: presumably dwarves get a spatter of the poison on their clothes, but it doesn't harm them... until they are washing themselves, at which point the game creates more poison because of the way spatters are handled. Result: dwarves die from bleeding on their way back from cleaning at the well.

Suggested solutions:
- If the poison has effect, make one dose disappear (it reacts with the dwarf and ceases to exist, while making the dwarf sick).
- Increase evaporation, drying and especially dilution of fluids. Blood spatters shouldn't create blood pool when they come into contact with water.
2011-04-11 11:16   
Organic material rot (or evaporation or anything) would fix both excessive spatters and poisonous death fields/creatures lingering far longer than the creature that spawned them.
2012-02-22 10:28   
Between the init option for spatter tracking and the fact that poison tracking isn't fundamentally different from spatter tracking, I'm folding this into 0000296.