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0002060Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockspublic2010-05-24 08:212010-06-09 06:45
0002060: Cursor always skips item type in stocks menu if there are too many items
I have a few items in my stocks menu that are quite large in number, specifically, stone, blocks and bars. All are at least 1000 in quantity and when I use the stocks menu to take a look at these items, it will always immediately skip over them to the next.

For example, I have 2087 stones. if I try to highlight stones in the stocks menu, it immediately skips over it to rough gems. This happens with both stones and bars, of which I have 2087 and 1445 respectively.
Haven't yet gotten above 1000 in any other item, so unable to verify it works all the time, but since both stones and bars are above 1000 and it happens with both, my assumption is that after a certain quantity is reached, it occurs. 1000 is a rough guess, I don't know the exact number.
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duplicate of 0001920closed Baughn Stocks screen hangs on "stone" and then skips to next category 
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This describes the same bug as 0001920.