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0002160Dwarf FortressFlowspublic2010-06-04 16:422014-08-04 09:43
0002160: Babies/infants stuck inside fortifications, can't be freed except by removing fortification
Fortifications have a problem with items that are flowing into them. The item disappears from screen when it hits the fortification. They are still listed in the stock menu. With d-b-d mass-dump the items are accessible, too.
Build a fortification. Dump some items before it. Let water push these items into the fortification.
Another thing that could be related: I have Infants sitting in fortification tiles. Trapped and abandoned by their parents. Only solution is to dig out the fortification and free the baby.
Happened while cleaning a huge water trap from clutter. Long corridor with fortifications on both sided and one tile high water. No flowing water but 0000039:0000030 dwarfs dumping items, trying to step over each other. Ceiling above fortifications.

happened with 31.04 and 31.05
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duplicate of 0003327new  Creatures can pathfind, move and get flow-pushed through submerged fortifications 
related to 0002163confirmed Footkerchief Objects dropped from above (such as stones from removed constructions) get stuck in fortifications 
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Do the items show up in the menu if you 'k' over them?
2010-06-04 17:26   
(edited on: 2010-06-04 17:46)
No, they stay hidden with k.
Zooming from the z-menu reveals the location where it should be, but the item is still not visible.
When marked for dumping the dwarf picks it up and it is revealed.

EDIT: related to 0000895 ?
Tested without fortification and disappeared too

2010-06-04 18:41   
Yup, it's probably 0000895. I'll repurpose this report to focus on the other problem you mentioned (babies stuck in the fortification), which probably isn't quite the same bug.
2010-06-05 01:56   
To clarify this.
The babies can't be dropped from above. There's a Floor. The mother is walking in a corridor with fortified walls and heavy traffic.
I have a save with two babies sitting in fortifications if needed.
2010-06-10 09:18   
(edited on: 2010-06-11 11:42)
This bug is quite entertaining.
When the baby is sitting in a constructed fortification you can't free it. Removing the fortification is not possible when a baby is sitting there. If it grows to a child it frees itself and walks away. If you tried to remove the construction, the job gets created once the baby is gone (death or growth).

EDIT: Observed what's causing this. The room has one and two tiles high water that is creating a constant flow. Sometimes dwarfs get pressed through a fortification by this flow, usually with "Dangerous terrain" announcement. If this happens to a dwarf with a baby, the poor baby is stuck.
That creatures can get pressed through fortifications and even grates seems to be causing this.