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0002254Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Squad Controlpublic2010-06-10 06:202010-08-08 12:11
Toady One 
highcrashunable to reproduce
0002254: crash after accessing the squad menu
I've sent my military out after some buzzards attacking an elven caravan by using the squad screen and the move order.

After they had killed the buzzards, I wanted to order them back and pressed the 's' button again -> result was a crash.

last entry in the gamelog is
Kel M–thkatn†zom has created a masterpiece!
Maybe though it has something to do with it.
not able to reproduce since pressing the 's' has worked for me hundreds of times.
crash, Squad menu
duplicate of 0000706resolved Toady One Trying to access the squad screen mid-combat caused a complete game hang 
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Toady One   
2010-07-13 05:39   
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Do you remember if you selected any individual squad members? That would cause the crash at 's' (this has been fixed for 0.31.11, see 0000706).

2010-08-08 11:57   
no, not really, its too long ago by now
2010-08-08 12:11   
Okay, I guess we'll call it a duplicate then. Feel free to reopen this if the crash shows up again.