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0002266Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2010-06-10 15:402010-06-10 17:03
WindowsXP x64
0002266: Alt-move is diffucult to use
I stand on the upper level of a snow covered temple in a human town. I am trying to jump off the top, and only seem to do so rarely, when I hit numerous movement keys. When I try to alt-move, it prompts me to select a direction, and I do so, but then typically I do not move that direction. The only time I can actually get my adventurer to fall off the building, it is because I start hitting the movement key and alt rapidly, so that I fall to the ground and am then presented with the prompt of direction, with the prompt referring to the possible movements from my former position rather than where I really am.
Try to jump off a building.
Non-modded. I just unzipped it and genned my first world.
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duplicate of 0002095resolved Toady One Adv. Mode alt-move sometimes requires multiple attempts to work 
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