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0002290: Dwarves locked in combat will not stop fighting to drink
I got raided by a few mountain gnomes early. So I sent out a militia wrestling squad to take them out. Once the gnomes had been driven away from the entrance I canceled the attack order but one dwarf wouldn't (couldn't?) stop fighting a single mountain gnome.

He was listed as having "no job" in the status screen but despite being dehydrated, hungry, drowsy, and unhappy he was locked in combat with this gnome for DAYS. Despite suffering no wounds himself, he was unable to kill the gnome in time... and died of thirst.

a) Even two very inexperienced wrestlers will eventually kill each other before several days are up. This is a bit unrealistic.
b) If the dwarf is about to die of thirst, he should prioritize drinking before continuing combat. Especially since the combat itself wasn't dangerous at all (he sustained no injuries from the gnome).
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This sounds familiar. There was a bug in 40D where your wrestlers would get locked in combat. Although given that the whole combat and training system was overhauled, it might not be related.

It still sounds like a general issue with wrestling though.
2012-04-02 23:22   
It is result of inability to command retreat, still in 34.07.