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0002302Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-06-13 10:112012-03-02 17:46
Toady One 
0002302: A Reproducible crash with save,
Save always crashes within minutes of loading. tested this about 7 times now,
The save starts right after the last of a few goblin raids got caught in the cage traps, an elf caravan got caught in the middle, they all escaped except for one elf and his pack warthog who ended up getting stuck inside my fort for long time while I delt with it. Now about 30 seconds after I load, the elf and warthog either goes berserk or melancholy.

The crash always seems to follow about 30 seconds later if the elf goes into melancholy, which seems about a 50/50 chance? But if the elf enrages instead, it takes several minutes instead of about 30 seconds.

I am guessing though, Even if I make my new squad active and kill them both, it still seems to crash shortly after.
http://www.mediafire.com/file/hnmzmamon1n/region1 [^] The Rough Gears.rar
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2010-06-13 10:16   
Did you transfer the save from an earlier version? It might be some sort of partial save incompatibility since the issues with warthogs were fixed in .05 or .06
2010-06-13 10:35   
Judging from your bug report, you have a military.
What happens to the crash if you disable your military?

Also, what OS are you using, and what version are you playing (Legacy or SDL)?
2010-06-13 11:04   
(edited on: 2010-06-14 15:15)
smjjames, Yes I did transfer this save from .05 to .06, Now that you mention that, I think your right, I didnt think this was related but im now pretty sure I was wrong, This elf caravan I mention in my report, it arrived totally empty. The elfs had warthogs as pack animals, and I didnt have this problem with these caravans pre .06.

My OS is windows Xp, I think I'm using Legacy, Well I'm using the version that came with the mayday tileset.
Another update: Crash still happens if I totally disband my military.

sorry,I made a mistake, I transfered my saves from .03 to .06, not .05 as I said before.

Update, I loaded an earlier save, this time the elves and their warthogs didnt get caught in the raid and left normally, no crash.

2010-06-13 11:29   
I think Mayday is using the SDL version and not the legacy.
2010-09-03 12:23   
FYI fort generated in 31.02.

There is a double mayor issue.

Reg Avuzgim, Craftdrawfs (sic) and Sodel Nishguz, Farmers (listed on noble's screen) are both mayors. If you remove Reg's custom profession name, you will see that it is actually mayor and looking at his info screen, he has an active mandate.

Also experiencing 0000010 & 0000147.

Confirmed crash happens after time of melancholy/berserk status of merchant and warthog.

No errorlog.txt entries.

Crash happens in mid-summer, around time of mayor elections, so this still may be the cause.

If you try to replace Sodel with Reg, Sodel will automatically replace him. I then replaced Sodel with Ber Kikostnakas, Medical Staff, but it still crashes about the same time.
2011-02-25 01:28   
Reminder sent to: Geocat

Do you still have this save? The link is now broken. I recently erased all my old bugged saves, so I don't have this one any longer. If possible, put it on http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2011-02-27 00:11   
Haha, Forgot about this, Turns out I actually still do have it, the same zip file that was on the now broken link. Putting it on http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3859 [^]
2011-02-27 01:33   
Thanks for the file again.

I originally looked at this in 31.12. I get the crash up to 31.17. In 31.19 and 31.18, I no longer get a crash and the errorlog shows "Unit has misaligned bp modifiers. Adjusting.".

The release notes for 31.18 state "(*)corrected misaligned bodypart appearance modifiers on load and resulting crash in pref screen, origin of misalignment unclear"

I can't find a specific bug report in the change log that addresses this, so I'm going to add it to the change log for 31.18.