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0002313: Merchant tamed animals not converting to simple tame on merchant insanity
Had elves bring many many creatures. Locked elves in depot. Elves go insane. Cannot release or otherwise mess with creatures.

When I tried, It did not release any creature, and made the cage empty. Randomly later on, the phantom creature teleported back into it's cage to what it was on transport(One large creature), despite the cage building reporting several small tame animals.

This only happened for the large animals. the tame spider amongst the crap was unaffected
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has duplicate 0002698resolved Footkerchief Caged animals player gains through merchant death cannot be freed 
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Do you have a save demonstrating this problem? If so, you should upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
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When you released the creature from its cage, it's highly probable that a dwarf simply grabbed an empty cage from your stockpile, stuffed the creature into it, then hauled it to an animal stockpile for storage. The same happens when you try to release an invader or other wild animal from its cage.
2010-06-14 14:04   
No, I watched since I figured as much the first time. I watched, and cage opens, nothing pops out, cage and building are empty. Little while later, I see a Tiger in there, and it's back. I'll try to find it.