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0002314: Dwarf with broken finger and nose not requiring a diagnosis at all
It doesn't even show up in his health menu. "No diagnosis required", "no health problems" it only shows in his descriptions menu (z) and the wounds menu (v-go over dwarf-w) he got a broken nose and two damaged fingers in combat and just went back to do invidual combat drills. He's not flashing injured (red or yellow + ), it's like the injuries don't even exist.


"Nose, broken
Second finger, left hand broken
Second finger, left hand smashed open"
Not sure, this is the first time it happened to me. I guess you could try getting a soldier with a combat-broken nose and see if it happens.
diagnosis, healthcare, injured, required, wound, wounds
duplicate of 0000309confirmed Dwarfu Injured dwarves won't/can't rest 
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I'm not sure there's a bug here (those are pretty minor wounds, by dwarven standards), but if there is, it's covered by 0000309.