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0002325Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Foodpublic2010-06-14 08:232010-06-14 08:40
windows 7
0002325: 'Render Fat' reaction takes whole stack of fat
I read somwhere (wiki or forums..) its intended to split the stack of fat when rendering it into tallow one piece at a time.
Though, the whole stack of fat is always brought into the kitchen, making
more kitchens worthless when trying to render big amounts of fat (just slayed a forgotten beast and got 150 fat) and making the kitchen in use *CLT* so its extra extra slow..
Butcher an animal
Slay a forgotten beast
Hunt for food
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duplicate of 0000347resolved Toady One Rendering a stack of fat yields individual tallow items rather than a stack 
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