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0002384Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chainspublic2010-06-19 16:092010-06-20 09:50
0002384: Dwarves moving caged animals/monsters out of stockpile always results in the creature being released.
I've never had a single creature escape from its cage while it was being taken to my animal stockpile. That said, I've never had a cage moved out of an animal stockpile, with the exception of building the cage, when the creature did not get out. This is absurdly annoying and utterly defeats the real purpose behind cage traps. It's also dumb; how hard is it for a dwarf to pick up the cage and move it like they normally do instead of having to let the creature out?
Capture a wild animal
Place it in a stockpile
Specify for it to be moved to a Trade Depot, another cage, or any other form of hauling the animal with the exception of building its cage
Animal is released. Untamed animals destory your fortress from the inside out.
Cage, cages, leftover from 40d, trade, trade depot
duplicate of 0004065confirmed Knight Otu Prisoners, civ members, and (wild?) animals released when brought to Trade Depot 
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Alright, well, it appears what was happening with the depot is that the dwarves were hauling the cages but didn't care a bit about their contents. This upsets me.
2010-06-19 16:36   
I thought it was intentional at first, I was trying to trade back elven invaders (Came in goblin ambush) back to them.

Anyway I can confirm this.