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0002424Dwarf FortressSitespublic2010-06-22 08:302014-08-04 10:40
Toady One 
0002424: Caverns smoothed underneath worldgen mountain halls
While exploring the underground caverns in Adventurer mode, I passed directly underneath some Dwarven mountain halls. To my surprise, the entire square area of cavern (that would have normally been occupied by the mountain halls) was smoothed.

A test embark in Fortress mode (using 'embark anywhere' followed by 'reveal') shows that every single tile within the region covered by the stairs surrounding the entrance is smoothed, all the way down to the very bottom of the map (including Hell).
Fixed in 0.40.01?
child of 0000187resolved Toady One Engraved caverns under temple 
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See 0000187. Does this seem to happen under all mountain halls? If not, it might be helpful to provide world gen params + a location screenshot or some other means of locating the problem.

2010-06-22 09:40   
I checked multiple mountain halls and they were all the same. A quick check also confirms that this was also the case in 40d, though there would have been no way to actually encounter it.
2014-03-29 22:06   
Given the new site maps during world-gen, this needs to be reviewed in the new version.
2014-08-04 10:40   
This appears to have been fixed in 0.40.xx (tested on an unretired fortress in 0.40.06).