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0002485Dwarf FortressInit Optionspublic2010-06-27 16:012010-06-30 10:12
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0002485: [MACRO_MS:#] Does not appear to introduce any delay between macro instructions
In an attempt to debug a rather long macro (5k lines with only the bare essentials {cursor_moves, select, designatedig and end of group}), I tried setting the macro delay to 150 ([MACRO_MS:150]).

In 40d#, this would introduce a delay between each instruction, allowing a bored individual to better figure out what was going on with their macro.

In .08, however, this init option appears not to work. No matter what I set it to, any macro I make is instantly transcribed into the game with no delay between actions.
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2010-06-30 10:11   
Fixed. It's also possible to record a macro while it's playing, now, which has amusing effects. I probably want to prevent that, but thought I should wait and see whether someone figures out a fun way to use it first.