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0002495: 2 out of a squad of 10 dwarves never train, rest of the squad is OK
I have 2 dwarves who, when enlisted, will not train and continue to perform civilian tasks as if they weren't in a squad.

I have one squad of 10 axedwarves. The squad is set to no orders, and is assigned to train at a barracks designated from a weapon rack. All dwarves have correctly equipped themselves with armor and weapons.

8 of the 10 dwarves act as expected: they either do Individual Combat Drills, or eat/drink/sleep/take breaks. They hang around the barracks and don't do civilian labor such as general hauling. (They do occasionally pick up new equipment or provisions)

The last 2 (0000005 and 0000008 in the squad) have equipped themselves, but otherwise behaves exactly like civilians: they performs hauling tasks etc and do not ever train. While the rest of the squad is now well skilled (some at Legendary military skills), the two delinquents are at best only Dabbling (from some 'real combat' vs. caged naked goblins earlier).

If I explicitly issue a station order, they do follow it.

This behavior continues for those 2 dwarves even if I completely disband and rebuild the squad.
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duplicate of 0001617resolved Toady One Certain dwarves will never train 
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Save is at: https://s3test.randomly.org/df/2495/region1-military-wont-train.zip [^] (3.1MB) (it's a large fortress, sorry..)

There's only one squad. The two dwarves that won't train are Lor Lilarushat and Tun Bekaroddom.
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See 0001617. I'm crossposting this information there.