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0002505Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2010-06-28 21:352014-01-27 20:13
0002505: Pond Zone fill-job cancelations and unusable buckets resulting from iced-over, but full, outdoor pond
I have a little outdoor pond I've been keeping in my ongoing game, and I have been having some strange job cancellations out of it, producing the much-reported unusable buckets.

The particular quirk I'm reporting here is that I got rid of the job cancellation notices for a while by shrinking my pond zone to just three tiles over the water adjacent to the land tiles. It's been full since, and I haven't noticed one way or another whether it has generated and completed more fill jobs. However, come winter freeze, I am now getting them again -- it seems the pond is generating fill jobs, but they are being canceled because it is filled with ice.

As with the other cases, it's resulting in buckets full of water that cannot be used for any other purpose or emptied out (though they can be dumped).
1) Fill a pond before the winter freeze.
2) Wait for fill jobs and the attendant job cancelations to be generated.
3) Check the location of the canceled job and observe full bucket that will never be used again.
Save available if needed.
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2010-06-28 21:40   
I neglected to note that the job cancellation notice's rationale is "Inappropriate Building."
2010-06-28 22:06   

In the save I've got, the dorf with the Fill Pond job is carrying an empty bucket to a well to be filled. I decided to interrupt it by Forbidding the bucket, and turned off the "Active" toggle on the Pond Zone.

She dropped it, but then the game slowed palpably and began spamming job cancellation notices ("Job Item Lost or Destroyed"). In about 5 seconds I got 238 such notices. I stopped it by completely eliminating the zone (clearly making it inactive didn't seem to do the job).

But the job was clearly tied to that bucket, and the game threw a horrible fit about being denied its chance to ruin that bucket. But more seriously, it definitely wasn't picking a new bucket for the job to be done.

I will pay attention to that empty bucket I "saved" and see if it ever gets used again as I continue playing.
2010-06-29 05:37   
You should upload a save for this, yes. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-06-29 15:07   
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Here it is:

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2601 [^]

EDIT: Oh, and it seems that bucket did disappear eventually (presumably recycled into use, but difficult to be sure), so I assume it did not get permanently tasked or anything like that.

2010-07-01 03:32   
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I am seeing something else that I suspect is related.

Glass Furnace has a repeating Collect Sand job going.
An empty bag sitting at another Glass Furnace is invisibly targeted by that job.
A dwarf is assigned to fill it, and the empty bag shows TSK in the Glass Furnace's inventory.
I Forbid the empty bag.
From then on, I get repeating job cancellation notices for Job Item Lost or Destroyed. The Glass Furnace with the Collect Sand task is not moving on to another bag; if you make its designated bag unavailable, it seems to continue to issue job cancellation notices every few seconds. I imagine it is supposed to start over, as it were, letting go its attachment to/reservation of that bag and designating a new one, but it is not doing so.

I suspect this is similar to what is going on with the Fill Pond jobs and the buckets.