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0002546: Dwarfs that have been removed from all squads continue to train
I had two dwarves assigned to a single squad, and were training in Inactive mode (i understand there is a bug here). When there were more immigrants, i assigned one of the new people to the existing squad by replacing the main commander. i wanted to free that dwarf for mining (since he had the skills for it). but instead of mining he continued to train in the barracks.

i have tried everything from disbanding the squad, to removing all squads. but still the two original dwarves in the squad continue to train at the barracks. i am unable to get them to stop training and do anything else.
since this is the first time i am trying this version i am not sure what the correct steps are to reassign squad leader. i am guessing that changing the squad leader directly caused this problem perhaps? instead of disbanding and recreating a new squad.
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duplicate of 0000605resolved Toady One When relieved from a squad, dwarves do not resume civilian jobs, even when squad is deleted entirely 
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This is a known bug. See Toady's comments at 0000605:0007709 (it may be helpful for you to upload your save as per his instructions).