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0002626Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-07-11 08:342014-09-13 12:16
Toady One 
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0002626: Refuse placed Above Ground but Inside randomly disappears
Storing refuse inside an above-ground building doesn't seem to stop it from randomly disappearing, as if it was just lying outside.
This makes it impossible to, for instance, store shells or bones in an above-ground fortress.
Build a floor on a Z level above refuse to mark the tile with refuse on as inside
Wait for it to disappear
Probably related to issue 0001140, since both involve the game assuming above-ground is inside
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related to 0000022closed Toady One Vermin remains don't rot 
related to 0001081new  Shells disappear from inside underground stockpiles (being gnawed by vermin?) 
related to 0001140resolved Toady One "Clean" job uses underground/aboveground instead of inside/outside to determine what gets cleaned 
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