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0002664: Dwarves stuck in 'go to demonstration'
I have several dwarves who are just standing still, at various different places in the fortress, with the task 'go to dodging demonstration'.

The OTHER squad I have has a dwarf organizing such a demonstration, and 2 others waiting.

Deactivated both squads (to inactive alert state), and now one of the stuck dwarves is free, the other stuck dwarves show individual combat drill and pickup equipment, but are still unmoving in the middle of my finished goods stockpile. (The other stuck one who unstuck was on the leatherworks.)

Issuing a move order does not unstick them.
Military, squad, stuck, training
duplicate of 0000181resolved Toady One Soldier gets stuck waiting for a demonstration. 
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Save uploaded at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2674 [^]
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Thanks Dwarfu. Crossposted the save link at 0000181:0010094.