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lowmajorhave not tried
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0002718: Chained dwarf hauling item refuses to drop it, preventing him from interacting with other objects.
I noticed one of my dwarves who were chained up in my dungeon (because he didn't make any SLADE items, damn nobles) was starving and dehydrated, my designated nurses weren't helping him and i tried to make him pick up food/water by placing it within reach which also didn't work.

I tried looking for the problem and noticed he was carrying a "plump helmet, Hauled" which was preventing him from picking up any other items, or from recieving aid.
Have someone who is hauling an item arrested.
I attempted to remove the item he was hauling by forbidding it, when that didn't work i tried to get someone to dump the item for him, but he died of thirst after quite some time of no one bothering.
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child of 0000703confirmed Dwarfu Chained mother "cancels seek infant" until death from dehydration, and other imprisonment issues 
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Wow, this sounds very much like what happened to my prisoners 0002606, but I had forgotten to check if they were carrying something.

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Due to the amount of bullshit i thought this was, i tried reloading a save i did just immediately after discovering the problem, de-designating the chain for Justice didn't work, but deconstructing the chain did. I am wondering when the guards will make him serve the last 6 days he has been sentenced to.