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0002733: Hangup and black screen
After DF is running for a while (>1h), it hangs itself, showing a black screen and still using full CPU. This happens for no apparent reason. This is not always happening, and after varying periods of time.
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duplicate of 0000706resolved Toady One Trying to access the squad screen mid-combat caused a complete game hang 
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2010-07-17 15:24   
It's not a crash if it's a hang. Does this happen on seasonal transitions? Are you in a freezing biome?

We need more information.
2010-07-17 15:44   
Also, how long are you waiting before you give up?

I have my settings set to autosave, and I have been experiencing particularly long save times. When it is saving, sometimes the screen will black out, especially if I am going between the DF window and another window. Try giving it several minutes and see if it continues.
2010-07-17 16:45   
It happened again, this time while opening the squad menu during combat, I remember that I was doing the same before the last crash. So it seems I've hit 0000706 which will be resolved in .11. So you can close this one.
2010-07-18 01:56   
Alright, thanks for the followup. Feel free to reopen this report after the 31.11 release if that version doesn't fix the problem.