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0002766Dwarf FortressGeologypublic2010-07-19 14:522010-07-19 15:12
0002766: I embarked on a location where it got a cavein, and when I used reveal, saw that there was an UG lake collapsing.
Just a note that this is NOT a reclaim.

Extended version:

I was embarking on an area to check out the magma pipes down in the caverns (hey, its called scoiting), got a cavein. I assumed that this was the one associated with the magma pipes, but I was wrong. When I unpaused, the FPS crashed and both readings went to 0. I had to force-quit it. When I looked again (this time making sure I DIDN'T unpause), I saw a huge underground lake which had a major collapse and most of the floor was simply gone.

In this version, I have seen two similar situations before on a different worldgen (no cavein though), one was a magma pipe that somehow didn't generate its walls and another hole in the caverns where water was draining through, but this is no mere hole, this is a giant gash in the earth.
This one is unfortunately, completely random and reqires the player to use reveal to see the smaller ones.

Those that generate tons of lag will make themselves known.
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I'm just noting that this example is a lake that doesn't touch the map edges, so I think I'll tough it out and see what happens to the whole thing.

Will post up a save soon.

Edit: This is likely related to the other UG cavein on embark issue, but this is a much bigger case.

2010-07-19 15:12   
I'm glad you think it's different, but it's definitely covered under 51's umbrella, probably in particular under 0002268's lake collapse, but how you describe it seems more like 0000495.

A save or world gen parameters would be useful in 0000051's notes.