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0002820Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2010-07-24 23:262018-01-19 16:22
Toady One 
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0002820: HFS creatures can emerge through vertical diagonals without HFS being officially breached
Spoilers ahead

Aware that I was approaching Hell while mining adamantine, I dug a stairway down a fair distance and stopped, mined out all the nearby adamantine, and decided to mine another vein I could see through the magma sea. After accidently breaking into the HFS, I was surprised and Doomed when the Demons came out the other stairway which had not opened Hell.

The problem is that digging a stairway like this (Sideways):

(Where X is a stairway, and there is a floor between the open area at the top and that which leads to suffering) does not trigger the HFS, but can be used by the floods of horror to escape anyway.
Find a point where you might find Hell

Find the exact spot which opens it, and reload

Dig an up/down stairway just to the upper edge of Hell

Open Hell elsewhere, and enjoy
related to 0008383resolved Toady One Flying/swimming/climbing creatures can move vertically through diagonal gaps containing down-stairways 
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The picture didn't come out right because of the dots, the X is meant to be just above to the right of them.
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Wrapped the picture with < pre> and < /pre> (without spaces after the opening brackets).
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The issue is not restricted to HFS breaches. There is no report for either the caverns nor the magma sea when they are breached diagonally downwards by a staircase (especially nasty when you dig straight down and hit SMR, which just causes the miner to stop with no report, and you later discover magma creatures inside your fortress).