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0002961: Ranged problems with ammonition
If ranged military-dwarfs have differend types of ammo, some for combat, some for training, they ignore some ammo types, go meele in combat, while they still have their "use for combat" ammo available in Bins.
In Training, only one dwarf was using one of the archery ranges (i had five) while all others are in a meeting hall doing nothing.

The only I know to avoid this, is to delete ammo assignments and set all ammo for combat/training
-Set a squad of five crossbowmen to active/training
-produce 2xIron Bolt, 3x Bone Bolt, 3x Wooden Bolt
-Set Iron Bolts for Combat only, Bone + Wooden Bolts for Combat+Training.

Observe what they do in Training and then their behavior in Combat.
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duplicate of 0002840resolved Toady One Marksdwarves use wrong bolts when training 
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Is there a part of this report that isn't covered by 0001374, 0002840, and 0002625?
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All three appear related, but i'm not sure if its the exact same bug, or three different parts of a cluster of bugs in ranged ammo.