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0002979Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Animalspublic2010-08-08 01:222010-08-08 09:23
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0002979: Animals bought from (elven) caravan do not show up in animals screen
When buying animals from the elves, I noticed:
The newly bought animals do show up normally in the (u)nits screen.
However, they do not show up in the (z)>>animals screen, so they can't be designated as a pet, or designated for butcher from there.

Note that, any animal that is trainable, can still be trained at the kennels.
When they become a war animal, they suddenly do show up on the animals screen.

I haven't tried buying animals from the humans, or dwarves.
Wait for caravan.
Buy animals.
Check (z)>> animals screen.
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duplicate of 0000482resolved Toady One Tame exotic pets don't show up in the Animals screen 
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Been reported 0001123
It was hard to find this one since it was closed allready so I dont blame you for duplicating. The only existing one of close origen that I could find was 0000482

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This is 0000482, of which 0001123 is also a duplicate.