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0003005Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2010-08-11 01:392012-03-06 07:58
Windows XP SP3
0003005: Lockup re "Midmap effective coordinate check out of bounds"
Application locks up while tooling around in the embark map. Lockup seems to be most directly from dumping repeated lines of "Midmap effective coordinate check out of bounds" into "errorlog.txt". Last attempt to reproduce this generated almost 80,000 lines of this (and nothing else) before I could manage to kill the application.
Run around the embark site selection map (hold down arrow keys, moving the marker all over the place).
EMBARK_RECTANGLE effects how long it takes to kick in. Set to 16:16, it takes just a few seconds on my machine. At 15:15 it takes 10-15 seconds. At 14:14 and 4:4 it didn't happen in the 30 seconds or so each that I tried it.

Report 1680 "Coordinate Check Crash" reports a bug emitting same message under different circumstances on an earlier version.
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duplicate of 0001680resolved Toady One Crash with "Midmap effective coordinate check out of bounds" 
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From what you're saying, it sounds like the game is forgetting to take the size of the embark rectangle into account when choosing a random location every time you move into a new square.

(I have also experienced the errorlog spam of "out of bounds" but I couldn't attribute it to anything specific.)