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0000302Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaningpublic2010-04-03 13:522010-06-09 06:45
Toady One 
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0000302: Domestic animals (cats/dogs/cows/etc) spamming "Cancels Clean Self: Area Inaccessable"
I have two cats carrying around soap in their mouths, spamming these messages.
I changed the reaction for soap from "glob" to "bar", so these are bar soaps not glob soaps. I wonder if I broke something doing this... ?
clean self, soap
related to 0001023resolved Toady One People picking up soap, getting "cancels Clean Self: Area inaccessible", then dropping it 
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2010-04-03 13:54   
0000179 0000207

Cats is new though.
2010-04-03 16:27   
I tried locking away the soap in a room cats couldn't get with a pet-restricted door. Cats contsntly keep bumping into the door, trying to get in, but the annoucnments has stopped.
2010-04-06 11:18   
I just got "Cow cancels Clean Self: Caged" message.
No soap anywhere in my fortress, the cow was apparently bringed back to cage after milking.
2010-04-06 12:50   
I get this bug as well; the cats are dragging extra soap all over the fortress in an attempt to clean themselves. Perhaps just making the mouth grasp soap isn't enough for the creature to clean themselves?
2010-04-07 03:20   
I also changed soap from glob to bar, and likewise, am getting this for all pets, children, and dwarves. I put soap bars in a custom stockpile (with no bins) beside my two wells.

(Z)oom to location on the "cancels Clean Self" error will zoom to one of the soap bars I have in the stockpiles.

I believe it is different from the "Insane baby" error, as it is showing up for most of my fortress population.
2010-04-09 07:55   
Also seen here, for both war dogs and dwarves, on 0.31.02. Original save was from 0.31.01, with new raws copied in from .02. It only started once I produced soap, and it stopped immediately when I forbid all soap.
2010-04-09 14:44   
I can confirm this bug is still present in 0.31.02 (new game genned on 0.31.02). Once at least one bar of soap is produced (and is not locked by hospital) pets will pick soap up in their mouths and carry it around the fortress, while spamming "cancels Clean Self: Area inaccessible".

Apperance of this spam seems to also coincide with the appearance of the crash on save (during "cleaning objects" phase) in http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=277 [^]
2010-04-12 00:29   
I'm getting constant spam from cows, cats, bulls, puppies, you name it, I'm getting it. The animals are stealing soap from the stockpile inside the hospital (because I put the only stockpile there so it would get moved into the hospital containers faster), carrying it outside, dropping it, and the dwarves are moving it back to the stockpile, where the animals are stealing it again, causing massive waste of labor. This has been happening since I produced more soap than the hospital needed in 0.31.02.
2010-04-12 00:53   
I also have this, vanilla 0.31.02, no self made modification.
2010-04-12 03:34   
Got this aswell, completely destroys my messages screen.
2010-04-12 03:39   
(edited on: 2010-04-12 03:40)
I have a war elephant trying to clean itself using soap - which kinda makes sense?! - interestingly the soap isn't always listed as a task on the workshop screen, and locking a door and forbidding the soap didn't prevent it from trying. Sometimes he'd walk into the hospital and try the same.

Then when I stopped pets from entering the hospital it seemed to get the message and cleaned itself up at the well instead.

2010-04-16 05:42   
I have dwarves spamming this themselves. In addition to cats and other animals

It is creating the soap bar issue - where people take them out of the hospital and then they put them back.

This in 31.03
2010-04-16 20:42   
(edited on: 2010-04-17 05:28)
Edit -- Comment removed for being generally untrue

2010-04-17 06:55   
My save got this with dwarves as well - one such message will generate almost immediately after saving, and the log is full of animals doing it.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2127 [^]

Interestingly enough it also crashes on cleaning objects, *and* will crash about a minute after starting (along with other bugs named in the save)
2010-04-18 19:52   
Definitely seems to be related to soap. As soon as soap appeared in the fortress the spam began from the roaming hoard of pets.
2010-04-18 23:56   
I just witnessed something that I think might be the cause of the problem.

Noticed a "bar" symbol moving out of the fortress, apparently by itself. Hit K in time to see what it was -- a bar of soap. Dropped out of K planning to go to V to see what was carrying it, and a dwarf came up, grabbed it, and carried it back to the stockpile. There was an immediate cancel notice for a dog, which was apparently carrying the soap.

The bug appears to be that bars in use for cleaning (or in transit) are not recorded as such. The next idle dwarf gets a job to return the bar to the stockpile.

Unfortunately no save or screenshot, it happened too fast.
2010-04-24 20:08   
This seems to be a related issue, but my Dwarven traders are also trying to grab my soap (although I was not getting any messages, so I took me a while to realise what they were doing - initially I thought it was a pathing issue until I noticed they were hauling soap). I had to lock my soap stockpile doors to get them to leave. The merchant who had already managed to grap a bar then stopped yo-yoing back and forth near the soap stockpile and finally headed back to the depot so that the traders (who I had fortunately already trading with) could pack up and leave. He appears to be taking the already-hauled soap with him though! Shortly after this the game crashes (happened 3-4 times now), but this occurs before the soap-theiving merchant leaves the screen so it may be unrelated (I'm investigating whether it's an item-melting related crash but have the save if anyone wants it).
2010-04-24 21:15   
It seems whenever I activate my burrows and the pets follow everyone in,they start spamming this. I dont have soap in this fortress yet either.
Jiri Petru   
2010-05-01 05:21   
I'm experiencing the same with my bugged dwarves - ie. military dwarves who due to a different bug got stuck on "No job".
2010-05-06 04:34   
Related to 0000996
2010-05-19 00:13   
repro in 31.03, *no soap*

After playing the game through 3 years I suddenly have this. I do not have and never had have any soap, or soap maker's workshops. I am getting it for Cows and Mountain Goats (Tame). About the only thing that happened recently related to that is I finally captured a female mountain goat, tamed her and have just chained her out by the male I captured in year 1.
Shaggy Frog   
2010-05-20 21:53   
Still happens in 31.04. Announcement spam is the worst part.
2010-05-21 01:11   
I just got "Reg Mafolkified Dwarven Baby cancels Clean Self: Too insane"
I guess he/she became insane when the mother dug a channel from the wrong way and dropped one z-level. The mother is now in the hospital and the baby is crawling around my fortress all alone.
Toady One   
2010-06-02 03:30   
I've handled the animal/baby issues for 0.31.05. Dwarf issues will be hanging out in 0001023 or wherever else they crop up.