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0003031Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2010-08-14 17:212014-08-13 05:14
0003031: dwarves in jail die of thirst (every time)
On two occasions now in two different games, I have set a cage as a jail for some unruly tantrum throwing dorfs. The sheriff does his job and cages them. I have buckets, drink, food, etc available and +15 idlers at any given time. No one ever gives water or alcohol to the prisoner, resultiing in his death 100% of them time. I have since decided to only use chains and attempt to place food and drink within reach as of now.
Place metal cage. Set it for justice. Make sure plenty of buckets are available for water to be given, plenty of alcohol and food (all next to cage). Wait for a (bad!) Dorf to goto jail and watch him die. Seems rather cruel.
Both of my casualties in the prisons we Dorfs throwing tantrums. Do the other dwarves avoid them even aftger jailing? Does he cause a hidden job cancellation? Nothing on my screen, just wondering if its in the background.
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duplicate of 0002606resolved Toady One prisoner died of dehydration, plenty of water, labor. 
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Please post your updates/findings in 0002606.